Video production project

Recruiting storytelling video revealing the background of the ŠKODA IT department. Created both for online channels and internal communication.

Custom made music

We composed the music for the video on our own

Real people

No actors, but ŠKODA's own employees play in the video and we filmed in real ŠKODA's environment during regular operation

Wide range of use

The concept was designed to be used for both internal and public purposes

With ŠKODA IT PROMO video, we managed to show what IT department focuses on and how important part they play for the whole company. I was delighted to see a successful result of an intermingling of ŠKODA IT employees’ emotions and modern technology in the final video. Well done to everyone who was a part of it and made this happen!

David Šír

account manager


To prepare a quality recruiting video that can really speak to potential employees. Uncover how the department works by showing the people who are fulfilling their dreams there. Emotionally impress people.


We have prepared a concept that reveals the working environment hidden to ordinary people. It represents the professionalism, qualities and relationships of employees.