Pepsi Generations

Digital campaign

Local launch of global campaign Pepsi Generations to celebrate 125 years since the introdution of PEPSI drink with influencers and special merchandise.

Reach of 2,6 million

87% of target group with frequency of 6

9 Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify,, DAYBYME, Pepsi Graffiti Wall, Lafluence, 8 influencers.

+400% followers

Increase of followers on Pepsi Instagram during the campaign period

“The history of one of the world's most iconic brands, PEPSI, gives us the opportunity to communicate unique stories associated with the brand, and the Generations campaign is a great proof,” says

Michal Šlechta

PepsiCo CZ/SK Senior Brand Manager


Unlike the US market, we could not build purely on the nostalgia for the campaign that features Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Jeff Gordon.


We bet on lifestyle, co-operation with influencers, and contest to win Pepsi retro merchandise. The campaign also included off-line part, in which the Pepsi Wall was created by graffiti artists in Prague.